Grief is an experience we encounter at many times in our life. Grief is our response to loss. We can encounter grief when faced with any loss, such as death, a breakup, the ending of a job, or moving. Grief can be a complicated and overwhelming experience and is often tricky to navigate on ourContinue reading “Grief”

Everything is not alright

With the holidays approaching, I feel a very strong desire to hang the decorations, make everything feel festive, and create some semblance of normal in this very abnormal year. I have a feeling that I’m not alone in wanting to forget about all the hardship of 2020 by covering up the pain with Christmas lightsContinue reading “Everything is not alright”

Identity Wounds & Moana

The human heart loves a good story. Our minds work well with stories. This is why Jesus chose to teach using parables. Movies can have this same effect, helping us understand deeper truths about ourselves and the world and opening our mind to new ideas. Maybe I’m just going a bit crazy because my toddlerContinue reading “Identity Wounds & Moana”


Forgiveness is powerful, difficult, and often misunderstood. Forgiveness is much more complex than simply saying the words “I forgive you.” So what does it actually mean to forgive? And how do we do it? Forgiveness can be understood in four stages*: Stage 1: The Uncovering Stage What it is: Recognizing that we have been hurt,Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Do I need counseling?

Beginning counseling is a courageous decision. Making that decision to schedule your first appointment is not always easy. How do you know if counseling is the next right step for you? To put it simply, counseling addresses issues arising from feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. If you’re struggling in any of these areas, that’s a goodContinue reading “Do I need counseling?”

How to Journal

One of the most common suggestions I make to clients in their first few sessions is to begin the practice of journaling.  Here’s why: Life is happening all around us all day long, usually at what feels like a very fast pace. We normally don’t have space built into our life to pause and thinkContinue reading “How to Journal”