Individual Counseling

Life is messy. Talking about it helps. Circumstances in life can cause us to lose sight of ourselves and who we are called to be. Depression and anxiety can creep in or hit us all at once. Trauma can leave lasting wounds. Relationships with others can become complicated and confusing. We all have prodigal parts of us that need to come home. Come home to yourself. Individual counseling can help you gain more understanding of yourself and your circumstances and can help you reclaim your identity in Christ.

Couple’s Counseling

Relationships take work. Counseling is a place to learn new skills to communicate and navigate conflict effectively, discuss gridlocked issues, and learn more about yourself and your partner. Counseling can help heal past wounds and help you move forward with peace and joy. Whether you’re seeking marriage enrichment, feeling stuck, or dealing with conflict, counseling can help.

Family Counseling

Counseling can be a great tool for families. Whether you need help overcoming a major issue or you are experiencing strife in a parent/child relationship, counseling can help you navigate family conflict, work on communication, and strengthen family bonds.