Gift Ideas for Supporting Your Mental Health

We could all use some extra support when it comes to our mental health. Here’s some gift ideas for yourself or others that can help provide mental and emotional support.


There are so many great books available on just about any mental health topic. Seeking out reliable information to learn more about ourselves and our struggles is an invaluable tool on our mental health journey. Some current favorites on my list right now are Be Restored by Dr. Bob Schuchts, Rising Strong by Brené Brown, and Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily & Amelia Nagoski.


Numerous studies have found that a regular practice of writing down our thoughts and feelings can lead to an increase in overall mood and decrease symptoms of depression. In my humble opinion, one can never have too many journals on hand. Simple blank journals can make great gifts, or more structured journals like the Monk Manual or this set from Reform Wellness can be helpful for productivity and working toward goals.

Inspiring Art Prints

Our environment can have a major impact on our mood. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things can promote positive feelings and remind us of truth and goodness. Etsy is a great place to find Catholic art prints at an affordable price. Some of my favorite shops with art I have featured in my office are Santa Clara Design, Mrs. Torres Creates, and Love + Light Design Co.


Another way to uplift our environment is with candles. Corda Candles makes incredible clean burning candles inspired by saints. Lighting a candle is a great way to center ourselves, refocus, and practice being present.

Magnesium Bath Salts

Magnesium can be a helpful support for sleep and stress. A magnesium bath is a great way to relax and reduce the effects of mental strain. Magnesium bath salts make a great gift for anyone looking to reduce stress and have better sleep quality.

Weighted Blanket

Another way to help relieve stress and ease anxiety is using a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets act like a hug and use deep pressure stimulation to create a calming effect, increase serotonin, and decrease nervous system activity.

Dry Brush

The practice of dry brushing helps to rejuvenate and exfoliate skin and can also promote positive feelings as it stimulates the nervous system, increases blood circulation, and promotes lymphatic flow and drainage. Check out some great options from Primally Pure and Reform Wellness.

Essential Oils

Quality essential oils can help with emotional support, boosting mood, increasing energy, decreasing stress, and supporting sleep. Young Living provides a wide variety of oils and products, including this set of emotional support oils.

Meal Prep Service

When we’re struggling mentally, basic tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, and eating can be a huge challenge. A subscription or gift card to a meal prep service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron or grocery service like Hungry Root can be a great support for anyone going through a time of stress.

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