Frequently Asked Questions

Can counseling help me?

Counseling provides the opportunity to talk through personal issues to gain a different perspective, deepen understanding, and develop tools for coping with various problems. If you are wrestling with an emotional or behavioral issue, counseling can help you find relief and understanding.

What is Catholic counseling?

Catholic counseling integrates faith into the counseling process. Counsel will always be based on affirming the dignity and worth of every human being. Your counselor will uphold tenets of the Catholic faith and will not contradict the Catholic Church. By inviting the power of the Trinity into the counseling process, true, lasting healing from the power of Christ is found. You do not have to be Catholic to receive services from Abide Counseling. Your counselor will respect your personal beliefs and values that you bring to the counseling process.

How long are counseling sessions?

Sessions last 50 minutes.

How much do sessions cost, and can I use my insurance?

Sessions are $150 per session. Abide Counseling is self-pay only and does not accept insurance. Payment is accepted in cash, credit card, or check, due at each session.

Where are you located?

505 Church Avenue, next to St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Parking is available at the front of the building.

Do you offer virtual sessions?

Yes, teletherapy is offered over video, and in person sessions are available as well.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Fill out the form on the Contact page, and you will receive an email within a week to schedule your appointment.