Your First Session

Before your first session:

You will receive a link to complete online paperwork on the Simple Practice client portal. Please complete all paperwork before your first session.  

Telehealth Clients:

On the Simple Practice client portal, you will see a button to join your virtual session. Simply click this button at the time of your appointment. If you are using your phone, you will need to download the Simple Practice telehealth app and enter your session link to access your session. 

Joining the video appointment 5 minutes before the scheduled time can help you make sure that everything is set up correctly beforehand. 

Close any unnecessary programs and applications on your computer before joining a telehealth call. These take away from resources needed for your computer to run efficiently.

Keep your software and operating system up to date. Install recommended updates only from sources you trust. 

You may need to adjust the volume or mute/unmute your speakers to prepare for the call. Keep a pair of headphones nearby in case you need to use them for improved audio/voice. It is recommended to use a headset with a microphone instead of your computer’s built-in speakers/microphone. This will significantly reduce echo and mic cutouts on both ends when we inevitably speak at the same time.

If your space has natural light, make sure your light source is in front of your face and not behind you.

Check that you’ve granted access to your computer’s camera and audio.

Make yourself comfortable. Find a cozy place where you feel safe with minimal distractions, and pat yourself on the back for making time for your own growth and healing.  

The office:

Abide Counseling is located at 505 Church Avenue, College Station, TX.

Parking is in front of the building. You may park in any of these marked spots: