The Abide Counseling Podcast

Intrusive Thoughts

In this episode, I talk with Taylor Drapela about her journey with anxiety and intrusive thoughts. We take an honest look at intrusive thoughts and share practical wisdom on finding healing and peace. Taylor’s book recommendation: Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts by Sally Winston 

The Truth About Counseling

In this solo episode, I talk about the gift and discomfort of offering space for others to feel and express their feelings without fixing and how we can give this gift to ourselves. I also share the practical details about finding a counselor, beginning the counseling process, and what counseling looks like. 

The Roadmap of Loss

In this episode, I talk with Debbie Johnson about various forms of grief, her own experience in journeying through loss, and practical ways to find healing in the midst of major suffering. 

What is Healing?

In this episode, I talk about what healing actually is. Healing is a term I use a lot, but what does it actually mean to be healed? I talk about what we need healing from, signs that we may need healing in our lives, and some ways this healing actually happens.  Support the podcast onContinue reading “What is Healing?”

The Heart of a Counselor

In this episode, I share more about how this podcast came to be, the start of my journey in private practice, and my journey into counseling. We talk about the origins of the name of Abide Counseling and the difference between a Catholic counselor and a counselor who is Catholic. We also discuss the journeyContinue reading “The Heart of a Counselor”

What Matters Most

In this episode, I talk with my uncle and godfather Gary Drapela. Gary shares the birth story of his twin sons and the emotional roller coaster of having premature twins. We talk about how his faith and support from others sustained him during this formative time. This was a special conversation for me where IContinue reading “What Matters Most”

How to Let Yourself be Loved

In this episode, I talk with my friend and fellow counselor Tyler Kilbane. Tyler is a counselor in the midwest who currently works with clients struggling with substance use. Tyler shares about his own struggle with depression and suicidal ideation and his journey into the Catholic faith. We talk about struggling with feeling unlovable, theContinue reading “How to Let Yourself be Loved”

Delighting in the hard seasons of life

In this episode, I talk with my friend Sarah Sullivan about the joys and struggles of motherhood. We talk about caring for our mental health as mothers, finding the balance between self care and selfishness, toxic positivity, decision making in parenting, and giving permission for our feelings. 

Manhood & Mental Health

In this episode, I interview my husband, Joshua, about his take on mental health as a man. We discuss expectations put on men and the difficulties that come with caring for our emotional health. We also talk about transgender issues, parenthood, teaching our kids about their emotions, and vulnerability in friendship. 

More than a diagnosis

In this episode, I talk with a fellow counselor and friend, Antonia Seman. We discuss the role of diagnosis in the counseling process and what it really means to receive a mental health diagnosis. We also give a counselor’s perspective on the counseling process and how we help others find healing. We shed some lightContinue reading “More than a diagnosis”

Grief is hard.

In this episode, I talk with my sister in law & friend, Madelyn Johnson, about the life and death of her daughter, Amelia. We talk about the real emotions around losing a child to stillbirth, the messy grieving and recovery process, and grief work in counseling.  This episode is dedicated to my dear niece, AmeliaContinue reading “Grief is hard.”

It’s okay to focus on yourself

In this episode, I talk with Ana Glaze about her experience in counseling. We talk about how much is too much to share in therapy (spoiler alert–you can never share too much!), the power of giving ourselves permission to devote time to our own healing, and common misconceptions about therapy. Ana & Daniel’s YouTube channel:Continue reading “It’s okay to focus on yourself”


Welcome to the Abide Counseling Podcast! In this episode, you will hear about the messy beginnings of podcast adventures and the hopes and desires for what this podcast has to offer. Thanks for being here. Thank you to Becka Landry for the incredible intro and outro music! Link for the Abide Counseling Podcast Facebook group:Continue reading “Introduction”

About the podcast

This podcast is here to provide wisdom and insight in your own healing journey and help you grow in vulnerability with yourself, God, and others as we discuss the intersection of the Catholic faith and mental health.

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