More than a diagnosis

In this episode, I talk with a fellow counselor and friend, Antonia Seman. We discuss the role of diagnosis in the counseling process and what it really means to receive a mental health diagnosis. We also give a counselor’s perspective on the counseling process and how we help others find healing. We shed some lightContinue reading “More than a diagnosis”

It’s okay to focus on yourself

In this episode, I talk with Ana Glaze about her experience in counseling. We talk about how much is too much to share in therapy (spoiler alert–you can never share too much!), the power of giving ourselves permission to devote time to our own healing, and common misconceptions about therapy. Ana & Daniel’s YouTube channel:Continue reading “It’s okay to focus on yourself”

Why sharing your feelings isn’t optional

One of the biggest issues we face in relationships with others is difficulty with direct communication. Did you know that God did not give us the capability to accurately know the thoughts and feelings of others? He very well could have given us this ability, but He decided that the one way for us toContinue reading “Why sharing your feelings isn’t optional”

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Last weekend, I brought my son to Mass for the very first time in his entire life. Last weekend at that very same Mass, the Vicar General of the diocese announced that the priest of this parish whom I had come to admire and respect had been involved in scandal and resigned his position. AsContinue reading “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

Identity Wounds & Moana

The human heart loves a good story. Our minds work well with stories. This is why Jesus chose to teach using parables. Movies can have this same effect, helping us understand deeper truths about ourselves and the world and opening our mind to new ideas. Maybe I’m just going a bit crazy because my toddlerContinue reading “Identity Wounds & Moana”

Do you believe that you are good?

Here’s a typical conversation that comes up fairly often in my office: Me: “What would it be like to believe that you are worthy and good, no matter what, regardless of your actions?” Client: Answer A: “That doesn’t sound right. Yeah, God loves me, but I’m supposed to love him back. I have to showContinue reading “Do you believe that you are good?”

When things don’t go your way

You didn’t get that great job you applied for. The person you have feelings for doesn’t feel the same. That great opportunity fell through. You didn’t get accepted into the program. The person you trusted most let you down. You know the feeling. You had the courage to let yourself hope and envision the possibilityContinue reading “When things don’t go your way”

St. Maximilian Kolbe & Codependency

St. Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest who gave up his life for another in the Auschwitz concentration camp. With bravery, he spoke the powerful words, “I am a Catholic priest,” and laid down his life to save a man condemned to death. St. Maximilian Kolbe’s story is incredibly inspiring, but something dangerous happens whenContinue reading “St. Maximilian Kolbe & Codependency”